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Step by Step Revocable Living Trust Setup

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How to setup a revocable living trust to start and protect your legacy. This program will allow you to take your name and property you possess out of probate corporate courts and into living revocable status, as directed by the laws of the land. You will learn how to operate any and all of your own affairs at the highest level of life in society by and through the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) and International Monetary Fund (IMF) systems. You will have the ability to pay bills and debts by e-filing online 1099 tax forms along with 1040, 1041 tax forms. You will learn how to become lender and no longer remain a borrower. You will learn how to manage and operate as a fiduciary for a revocable living trust and other trusts created through the household. Learn basic banking operations how to barter and exchange cash, credit, and other values. This program in conclusion will show how to obtain credit directly through the treasury. Learn how to buy land, houses, cars, obtain lines of credit, and create businesses through the revocable living trust.

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