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University Technicians Digital Business Network, barter and trade system.

Company Value System for all Things.

New value system is Energy, Time, Knowledge, and Information.

Minimum wage: 100 USD every hour.

Maximum wage: 1000 USD every hour (Subject to change with or without notice).

24 hours =

2,400 USD ~ 24,000 USD daily.

Wallaces energy usage daily is 24 hours.

Energy charge: 25%

Time: 25%

Knowledge: 25%

Information: 25%

Payout: 600x1 = Energy

600x1 = Time

600x1 = Knowledge

600x1 = Information

For example:

“Wallace’s minimum payout for energy by design of value system and money is 600 USD or equivalent value or credit on a day by day basis. His presence or energy is activated by this value system through his: Arts, Crafts, Skills, and Trades.”

Each member of the network for more than 5 years or more are automatically grandfathered into this model by your profile date created. Members 1 year of more are at 50% Value by your profile date created. Members under one year are at 25% value. Non-Members are not valued through this system. Thank you for your continued support of our financial literacy school and network.

Updated February 2021

By: Wallace Louis Temple Jr, Trustee

University Technicians, CTO

Chief Technology Office.


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