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  • Ancient Studies

    Every week
    Weekly, Every Saturday.
    • Unlimited Access to Q and A session; Live Study
  • UNLIMITED 1099-B

    Every month
    1041 filings through tax act software with 1099-B
    Valid for 3 months
    • Free tutorials, notes, and recordings
  • Community Civics; Estates and Trusts

    Every week
    Weekly strategy calls on private banking with trusts, estates, sole proprietors, and other entities.
     7 day free trial
    • Free preview walkthrough all courses
  • Digital Web Management Fee

    Every month
    Digital Web Management Fee
    •; Digital Web Management Monthly Fee
  • Fiscal Forms

    Learn how to fill out all required government forms as listed on financial departments of the US.
    • Custom filled forms requires by fiscal dept
    • Review and proper communication with fiscal dept
    • Review of all pre-requisite courses (included)
    • Proper connection to fiduciary
  • Trust Coverage Plan

    Every week
    +$25 Setup Fee
    Execute your revocable trust and get a walkthrough of all layers of the revocable trust instrument.
    Valid for 10 weeks
    • Trust Instrument
    • Certificate of Trust
    • Fiduciary Appointment
    • Treasury Direct Account
    • Court and Bank Authority
  • Trust Studies Plan

    Every week
    +$25 Setup fee
    • Economic Resource Center

      Every month
      Gain access to resources anywhere by experts and specialists from University Technicians.
       7 day free trial
      • Revocable Trust Support
      • Financial Support
      • Housing Support
      • Tax Support
      • Web Support
      • Merchant Support
      • Business Support
      • Other Support
    • Unlimited UT Services

      Every 3 months
      This plan includes unlimited 5 days a week. One time payment is available
      • Family Office E-Commerce Creation and Support
      • Revocable Living Trust Asset Protection Support
      • Private Banker Strategy Credit-Line Support
      • Power of Attorney Strategy Court and Claims Support
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