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How to Create a Business with no Money

Updated: Mar 5, 2021

The Long and unknown principle thing is the mystery of making money without money. Creating wealth by focus and practice of energy flow. As the ancient concept is still known and followed to this day. The basics of making money is a concept much more mental and spirit science based evidence, to express how to know when, where, how, and what happens during the literal process of creating or making, money. It is obvious a number of people may think that a witch or wizard can magically make money appear before their eyes. Also, even place a crystal ball to tell a future fortune of money in ones life. Or even cast a spell to bring forth ones desire for the summed amount of money, one would make, or create, in regards to money. So, lets first investigate the ways of money. Once again, the obvious space is mental first. The reason it is always mental is due to our experience as being. To have a spirit mind set, one must first begin to think on a spirit. Let me rewind that and say it again, "To have a spirit mind set, one must first begin to think on a spirit." The only point to mainly keep known, is that everything is always mental due to our experience as being. The defining point of science in this space is simply put by using the word "Consciousness." So this will better attempt to describe the indescribable due to the fact that no being is at liberty to credit oneself to creating "Consciousness." It is a fact through spiritual science records that our mental is ruled by the "Consciousness." Main question? what does this have to do with making money with no money?

The amazing part, is that question in itself requires a mental search for the answer. If one is not knowing through either books, or documents, and even sacred manuscripts, when the output is not equal to the input, there is a value of nothing. Nothing in mathematics is zero. Therefore the appearance of money is by returning a value of 0.01 or better. Spirit allows the literal process to occur in our mental space to create or make money. The "Consciousness" of ones being always differs from another's; this is, due to the unique image creation complete by spirit. The spirit science approach to study spirit and mental attempts to define the indescribable manifestation of money without having money. "Once the experience as a being is live, the output is limitless." Ra'ahk Gershome Ben Y'srael

In the next segment, the attempt is to describe the indescribable, to find clues, and also bring more evidence of the spirit based creation of money without having money. Lastly, prove through evidence how this simultaneously allows ones being to align through mental directly to the spirit.

We will also use numbers to show how the output must match the input or the value will be nothing; nothing is equal to zero. This video below will explain where the Journey begins on the Non-domestic, non-commercial side of doing business in the world now. The video will attempt to assist ones consciousness to create a path to making a business with no money. After watching and obtaining what the video instructs, the steps to creating money and wealth through spirit will be limitless.


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