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How to manage 25 technicians to collect 10,000 per week by providing services? By: Wallace Temple II

As an expert in converting clients or customers into sales, I understand the importance of optimizing resources and maximizing revenue. With a team of 25 technicians working Monday through Friday from 8am to 8pm, there is a great potential for generating significant income.


To make $10,000 per week with 25 technicians, each technician needs to generate revenue of $400 per day (assuming a 5-day workweek). If each technician charges $100 per onsite call, they would need to complete 4 calls per day.


In order to achieve this goal, it is essential to implement effective sales and customer acquisition strategies. This can include utilizing online marketing techniques, optimizing lead generation processes, and ensuring exceptional customer service. By focusing on attracting a steady stream of clients or customers and ensuring a high conversion rate, it is possible to reach the target of $10,000 per week with the 25 technicians.

Visit experience a real time technician that can resolve most service issues within a 24 - 48 hours window.

Purchase and pay for services online by booking the next time slot with technicians needed for onsite services.

If your an investor or will like to participate as a technician, chat with us live 24/7 directly on

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