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Life of Trust in your Highest form of Self. 2023 AD

Life of Trust in your Highest form of Self

By: Ra’ahk Gershome Ben Ysryl

(Wallace Louis Temple Jr)

Wrote: Aug 7, 2022; digital notepad

Even Just knowing about this.. “Living Revocable Trust” you are saved.. there is no way out! Once you know you know.

Nothing can harm you.

I know because I had mine executed when they tried to charge me with 32 counts for property fraud in 2018.

I had it confiscated with all of my belongings and filed on the civil court cases I was winning.

The city used two false reports against me and it allowed them to get a warranty for my arrest.

Before this occurred, the damage had already been done ✅. What I did was simple and basic. It inadvertently indicted the whole city 🌃 but it also was a two edged sword ⚔️ because I sacrificed all things. This is real time crucifixion.

I was given the promise that I will get everything back and I did. This is resurrection.

Once I was brought back or

re-leased, this allowed me to completely protect my self by doing all things in A living trust that is revocable and not irrevocable. Irrevocable means I am not able to change.

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Miembro desconocido
09 mar 2023

Thanks for sharing. I know you speak trust. Agape Bro

Me gusta
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