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Overcome IRS Criminal and Civil Investigations by Living Revocable Trust Law 😇💯😁 by: Temple ii


After multiple attempts to be persuaded to think as and return as a TAXPAYER, INDIVIDUAL, or PERSONAL account, this means according to IRS you are under their supervision. If only “Individual” or “personal” accounts are connected to your businesses this bring the CI criminal Investigators to help you understand your wrongs. TAXPAYERS are only and always connected to Corporations not living trusts.

Fortunately, if no personal credit cards or personal banks, personal funds, personal assets are found in the Social name, the IRS criminal and civil investigations have nothing to prove frivolities or false tax returns for refunds. This means you are always only doing business as a revocable living trust.




By living and acting as only a Sole Proprietor, Grantor, Trustee, and Beneficiary of a revocable living trust, this will be your full armor of protection.

With a revocable living trust, this shall manage other trusts. This is the most basic way to manage all things without intense over explanatory handwritten or typed paperwork.


Use “Revocable Trust” laws and statutes of any state your are conducting or transacting cash, credit, debit, money orders, or any value traded on products and services. Use executed revocable trust agreement to substantiate and all funds claimed or to be claimed. This is court. Courtesy is another way of explaining this to anyone who has lack of knowledge. This will be used to make a claim against any government who seeks to create a claim against your employer identification number that is listed as a revocable trust.


Any and all trusts, estates or business EIN’s (Employer Identification Numbers) created by the trustee of the revocable living trust is covered. This means even the social name and number.

Make no mistake to ever return to being an Individual or going back to personal responsibilities. Remain grounded in a Living Revocable Trust.

By: Wallace Louis Temple Jr, trustee

       A Noble Private Lender


See executive filing here:


Solutions and recourse remedies:

Trustee powers:

Line  29f;

“The Trustee may maintain, continue, dissolve, change or sell any business which is part of this LivingTrust, or purchase any business on behalf of this Living Trust, as the Trustee deems reasonable and in the best interest of this Living Trust.”

Line 29g;

“The Trustee may purchase, maintain, convert and liquidate investments or securities, at reasonable risk, and for the purpose of generating income and growth, and vote stock in person or by proxy, or exercise any option concerning any investments or securities, as the Trustee deems reasonable and in the best overall interest of this Living Trust, without liability for loss or depreciation.”

Line 29h;

“The Trustee may open or close bank accounts wherever reasonable and in the best interest of this Living Trust.”

Line 30;

“The above authority and powers granted to the Trustee are in addition to any powers and elective rights conferred by state or federal law or by other provision of this Living Trust and may be exercised as often as required, and without application to or approval by any court.”

See source reference:

IRC 7701 Definitions; domestic trust:

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