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Post Office or USPS, Which One?

In Year 2021 AD, the mystery of jurisdiction starts by the letters of law and delivery of them. In current times, letters are now digital, which mostly occur through either Electronic Mail, Fax Mail, and Text Message. Audio Visual Calls are now used to go to court right from the comfort of your home. The jurisdiction continues to be connected to the origin of the post. United States Postal Service is a Entity that is hired by local governments to distinguish these factors for doing business commercial or non-commercial. Here is an article except of a few quotes that have guided many to know of how and where to start this journey. Baruch Atah (Blessed Are You).

U.S. Postal Service or the post office?

“You may want to get rid of your mailbox and take the numbers off your house. These signify a “commercial address” and not your location as a Good and Lawful Christian Man or Woman. Since 1863, the military took over control of what once was the Post Office. General delivery was the only form of mail prior to that time was common to all people. The current U.S. Postal Service (USPS) is in effect today as a corporation under military rule that services only the commercial persona in the field of military occupation. However, the common law post office still exists and general delivery has never been abolished, just hidden. This is why it is imperative that all Christians call for their mail in general delivery at the post office and no longer accept commercial free delivery by the USPS.

Let’s first get it straight that the god ruling our governments today is the god of commerce, Mercurius. You may know him as Mercury. He is the god of profit and gain, and his fellow god Mars, the god of war protects Mercury’s interest. They were around when Jesus was taken up to a high mountain by the prince and ruler of this world, the boss and king of Mars and Mercury. Our Lord was shown all the worldly nations. The prince of this world tempted Jesus with these nations by saying “I will give you all this power along with their glory because they have been given to me and to whom-so-ever I wish to give them to. If you’ll worship me, all of this will be yours”! Quite a bribe. But Jesus told him get behind me satan! It’s written that you must worship the Lord your God and only Him will you serve [See Luke 4; 5-8]. As God’s great fallen angel, the worldly prince knew this well.

Residents, Bar attorneys, individuals, natural persons, persons, corporations, homeowners, homesteaders, officers, trusts, taxpayers, partnerships, directors, IRS 501(c)3 Churches and citizens (all these names are Federal and State statute or administrative code defined “fictional entities”) are addressed by number and street name or P.O. Box. These terms do not represent the Good and Lawful Christian Man or Woman. You are none of these fictional names in commerce, but once you accept free delivery at an address, you have voluntarily taken on the commercial name or persona addressed in the letter.

General delivery to “transients” or sojourners has never been altered or changed since Lincoln’s War. In common Law, general delivery is a vested right that cannot be denied to a Christian as long as he is operating outside of commercial free delivery. You cannot be in common law and commercial statute law at the same time. The Non-commercial side of the Post Office still exists as general delivery where one calls for his first class mail rather than accepting commercial delivery at an address.”

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