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What is a Ceste Qui Vie Trust Act?


In 1666, during the “Black Plague” the government of London excercised authority over all people in their Jurisdiction who owned land, property, and money by a French words: Ceste Qui Vie Trust. This simply meant a trust for a “living” or “live man” or “live woman.” During the historical plague that spread over the entire continent of Europe and parts of Northern Africa, was called the Bubonic Plague. By 1666, the great plague of London was a continuation or second pandemic that last close to the 1800’s. The Ceste Qui Vie Act declared all people “lost at sea” or “civilly dead.” This continued forever until the beneficial owner was proven to be living. This was only done through a created trust in the current times of any time to reclaim property back London Government officials authorities. If no one claimed their offspring or property after 7 years of issuance of a Certificate of a Live birth, the government declared a Capitis Diminutio Maximus status of all names tied to the property until claimed living again. This has continued to be the same process in modern times 2021 AD during a Global Pandemic. All people of the earth must claim to be living through this Ceste Qui Vie Act or be forever declared “lost at sea.”

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